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MyPlay has developed an AI algorithm that recognizes action on the court and accurately detects the position of the players

Player profiles

Improve the performance of the teams and the evolution of the players

Your exclusive content

Increase the interest of fans thanks to quality and proprietary content that can be shared online

Highlights & Clips

Create &
download clips

Create clips for every game or practice. Easy to use and fast, our system allows you to create and download or share your team’s best plays.

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Create custom tags for the plays you want to highlight and tag your players. Thanks to the filter you will find everything easily.

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Share your team’s or player’s best plays on social media and grow your number of followers

Game Stats

Create clips from
your breakdowns

You can view season reports by team and player and create breakdowns customizable and specific, which you can later share with your players or on social media

Heat map and seasonal average

Heat maps help with optimization and ease of visualization when you want to analyze a match.

Individual and
team stats

Our quick stats allow you to easily track and analyze your team’s performance. You’ll be able to see the most relevant statistics of your team and players on the field.

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