Automated Camera

Installed easily at your facility


MyPlay’s cameras recognize the action on the court and properly detect the position of the players.

The system offering the perfect remote Live Streaming Production for Federations, Clubs, and Broadcasters.



MyPlay install a Full HD quality camera on the court that accurately follow the games!

MyPlayPRO is an Automatic Sports Live Streaming Production with an advanced camera that live streams sports games in an easy and low-cost way.


Perfect solution for games being played at lateral courts.

With MyPlay Single you can add multiple views at your facility that your different teams can benefit!


Specific for volleyball, our solution include three cameras. One wide-angle camera to cover the whole field and two cameras to film from the back angles.

With MyPlay Volley all viewing angles are covered, so you have all you need for games and matches analysis!

Improve your game

Live stream, record and analyse your matches
without the need for a camera operator.

One platform for multiple sports

Which one is yours?