Automatic Video Solution for waterpolo

One click to live, no cameraman needed!

MyPlay is an all-in-one Sports Video Solution with an advanced camera that follow the game and thus be able to broadcast live and record all your waterpolo games.

Live Streaming with:

  • Integrated and customizable digital scoreboard
  • banners for your sponsors
  • live commentator

Watch on our OTT or any platform

A platform where you can watch ALL live and recorded games of your teams!

Our automatic camera will follow the entire game for a TV-like experience!

  • Upcoming games
  • Banner integration
  • Coaching tools
  • & more


Do you want to know more?

MyPlayPRO camera
on your waterpolo court

MyPlay install a Full HD quality camera on the court that accurately follow the games!

We will look for the best viewing angle we can have at your court. Each court has its own unique characteristics and whether you play at a small court with tight margins or a large facility with thousands of seats, we got you covered!

One platform for multiple sports

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