Automatic Sports Live Streaming Production

MyPlayPRO custom made for
Clubs Federations Facilities

No more cameraman

MyPlayPRO is an Automatic Sports Live Streaming Production for Federations, Clubs & Facilities with an advanced camera that live streams sports games in an easy and low-cost way.

We deliver video that automatically zooms and pans to follow the game-play action, creating a TV-like viewing experience.

One click to
live stream

MyPlayPRO be able to broadcast live and record all your games.

Live Streaming with:

  • Integrated and customizable digital scoreboard
  • banners for your sponsors
  • live commentator

Watch on our OTT or any platform

A platform where you can watch ALL live and recorded games of your teams!

Our automatic camera will follow the entire game for a TV-like experience!

  • Upcoming games
  • Banner integration
  • Coaching tools
    & more

Schedule recordings from any device

You’ll be able to schedule all of your team’s practice recordings without worrying about space, our cloud is unlimited!

  • Training sessions available online
  • Schedule recordings
  • Unlimited recordings from any device

Do you want to know more?

One platform for multiple sports

Which one is yours?


Improve your game

Live stream, record and digitalize your club

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