White & Nerdy

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I love this song and Weird Al Yankovic

(7 years 2 weeks ago)

this song is so funny i could not stop laughing and im white and nerdy too

(7 years 3 weeks ago)

nerds rule!

(7 years 6 weeks ago)

for a white nerdy boy, he can rap like any other!

(7 years 8 weeks ago)

man dat boy can rap

(7 years 9 weeks ago)

it was great

(7 years 9 weeks ago)

they see me mowing, my fount lawn... i kno they all thinking im so white and nerdy,
think im white and nerdy, think im white and nerdy....!

i wana roll with the gangsters, but so far they all think im to white and nerdy, to white and nerdy, think im just to white and nerdy, just to white and nerdy.

and thats only the first part!!!! its awesome!!!

(7 years 11 weeks ago)

i love this song its so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

(7 years 12 weeks ago)

dude i can't stop watching his music videos there hilarious especially amish paradise, this, and fat. They're great make funs of other songs LOL Go Al!!!!

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

i like this song because it has a rap to it and i like raps !!!

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

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