I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) featuring Mike Jones

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I hate the theme of it. But I do like the bounce,slide,flow rthme of it :).

(7 years 36 weeks ago)

i love this song.

(7 years 36 weeks ago)

That video was so cool.T-pain can make some good songs.Thats the best video I have seen so far.People who don't like this s just jelous of T-Pain.Cause he is so cute

(7 years 35 weeks ago)

i love this song. its such a good song. i listen to it with my girlly girls. and we sing along we even get on the phone and listen to it toghther. ii lllllllllllllll ooooooovvvve tttttthhhhhhhhhiiisssssss
sssssoooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg but he is N0T cute but a nice abs

, mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm
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(7 years 34 weeks ago)

i lllllllloooovvvvvee ttttthhhis sssooonnnggggggg . i listen to this song with my girl. but hes not cute. hhheee is really cool and has nice abbs..

(7 years 34 weeks ago)


(7 years 33 weeks ago)

i hate t-pain's face, but i like the girls

(7 years 29 weeks ago)

I Think "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) is a Awwsome song I luv how His voice is


(7 years 28 weeks ago)

I really love T-Pain and his style of music!! And then I love this video!!

(7 years 26 weeks ago)

LoVe iT

(7 years 25 weeks ago)

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