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Great song, very hypnotic.
SoaD should make more that style of music.

(7 years 19 weeks ago)

This is a pretty cool song. one of the first songs i ever learned on my guitar. PRETTY AWESOME!!!

(7 years 31 weeks ago)

One of the best songs i have damn heard!!!!!!!!

(7 years 32 weeks ago)

simply amazing

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

t y musicbox

(7 years 35 weeks ago)

one of the best songs ever

(7 years 37 weeks ago)

Really has grown on me.
Even my four year old boy tries to sing along to this track thanks to my boyfriend who is always playing their songs.

(7 years 39 weeks ago)

i luv this song soo much it rocks! my whole class likes it cuz of me. lol

(7 years 41 weeks ago)

i am hypnotized

(7 years 43 weeks ago)

System of a down is THE BEST!!

(7 years 46 weeks ago)

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