Las de la Intuicion

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(5 years 29 weeks ago)

Shadow The Hedgehog: Las De La Intuicion..!!

(6 years 15 weeks ago)

ı love you shakira!!

(6 years 42 weeks ago)

I knew that this is her video when i first hear this!
Little brave from her ^^

(7 years 12 weeks ago)

Estas buenisima!! ;) oleee esa shakira!

(7 years 19 weeks ago)

me encanta este vídeo!!
la canción esta pegajosa y muy chida!
y el video esta: espectacular;
aunque no hay movimientos como en "hips don't lie"
o en "la tortura", se mueve bastante bien y los bailesitos están bien padres.

Un final muy grandioso de Shakira para su Fijación Oral,
al lanzar su ultimo sencillo "las de la intuición".

(7 years 22 weeks ago)

Senora Shakira

I first got to listen to your songs and music, the original that I difficultly understood were still overwhelming. Mixture of rock, middle eastern and latin.
I was just coming back from a South American job, first time there.
I was astounded. Then I saw images of youand felt you were as beautful as your music. I saw one video and felt scared you were falling into the britney and all category. But you did not you stand on your own. Thank you.
But recently while training I saw your "las de la intuicion" and needed a second look.
You are a genious. Madonna can go to the dressing room (money wise as she is) you are an artist in the sense of "El Greco".

You are a pastry chef:
The creamy topping the sexy video, moves, curves and clothing. The evolution of the type of moves.
The undeniable humor of the expressions as they go with the words, the smile at the end says lalala
And the tender juicy true real life expression of what it is when a woman loves a total gift of self in full regalia of fun.

This is a masterpiece.
Actually as these days I feel totally defeated (no man is allowed to say that...who cares) your song and video plays over and over just like air coming from a bottle for the sea divers until I get back up into the air once again.


(7 years 23 weeks ago)

awesome song pero q video tan horrible

(7 years 24 weeks ago)

Isn't she beultifull?

She is perfect (the human and the artist)!

A big Fan from Brazil

(7 years 26 weeks ago)

I love the song in Spanglish and Spanish!

(7 years 29 weeks ago)

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