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i love this is song omarion is so sexy in dis video damnnnnnnn
holla at me anytime

(5 years 24 weeks ago)

no youll get hurt get the f*** off his d***

(5 years 32 weeks ago)

Soooo Amazing


(6 years 24 weeks ago)

moaid plies sms me moaidnet2007@yahoo.com illllllllllooooooove youuu

(7 years 8 weeks ago)

yea this is omarion wife just stopping by to let you haters know that yall better back up off my man before yall get hurt

(7 years 9 weeks ago)

tight moves even tighter lyrics
what more would a fan want
expressing himself is what Omarion does best
this song is hot and aint no doutin it

im still sayin it
shorties hot

(7 years 10 weeks ago)

i love this song it reminds me of the goodtimes with my friends!!! and of that speical someone!

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

O was a very good song it show's alot of dance and I think you can dance better than chrisbrown any day so you and chrisbrown; marqushouston; ciara should make a video together.

(7 years 15 weeks ago)

It,s a good song I love it when u did it at the 2005 music awards

(7 years 15 weeks ago)

I luv that mans body i really wish that i waz that gurl in that video. Shes lucky i wish he waz ma man and i would yell o all day all night all month all year 4 a life time.

(7 years 15 weeks ago)

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