I'm Tryna

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I love omarion and he looks great in this video as always........

the one and only,

(6 years 7 weeks ago)

am in luv wif dis song, it juss makes me uuuuuhhh
bn hurt so many tyms so nw i here for fun, pleasure and enjoyment:)

(6 years 49 weeks ago)

One of the smoothest cat ever.
This video rocks, Omarion is absolutely gorgeous.
"Success is inevitable"

(7 years 14 weeks ago)

i love this video it is cute!!!

(7 years 28 weeks ago)

loving the video. Omarion is DA BOMB!!!!!!
We can be sad because roses have thorns, or be happy that thorns have roses!!!!!

(7 years 28 weeks ago)

i love my baby soooooo much he is the best r&b singer in the world so any body dat try to step up they gone get shut down cause my man is the king and he hella sexii and why is he sexii cause hes my man and all i do is encourage him to continue goin to the top ya diggggggggggggggggg.............

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

i think this video is great

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

Ithink that this song was a hit,I am trying to get with my future husband Omarion you already know this don't hate on it #fan misses,omarion grandberry.

(7 years 42 weeks ago)

things song is so me. i used to allways act like i didnt wanna be wit my ex but deep down inside i allways wanted him close to me. sadly i still feel that way!

(7 years 43 weeks ago)

h3 so s3xy i love omarion he's my future husband

(7 years 46 weeks ago)

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