U Should've Known Better

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omg i love this song and i love monica

(7 years 38 weeks ago)

grul thats my songggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(7 years 39 weeks ago)

you go girl with all your songs

(7 years 42 weeks ago)

i love this song. men should no better but more times they jus assume things!

(7 years 43 weeks ago)

I feel this song so much. When my ex was incarcerated, this was my song. He was away for a minute and we had issues. I played him this song and he relaxed quite a bit. I let him know I was there and I wasn't go any where. It made the time easier for him. He didn't become my ex until after he was home a while.

(7 years 44 weeks ago)

SHE IS JUST OUTSTANDING IS EVERY SONG SHE DO. I've been following Monica ever since her first album. She amazed me with her powerful vocals and amazing riffs and runs. I've always been Monica biggest fan.

(7 years 45 weeks ago)

i like this song my monica she 's a raw atl chick like myself that stays down for her man

(7 years 46 weeks ago)

I herd a reply that a girl wrote on this page so i couldn't pass on the opportuinty for a comment first of all Monica song is beautiful & Monica always outdue herself this girl is ontop & will always be on top Monica if you run across this you are da best & I think you are beautiful stay that way!!!!!!

Peace& Blessings....

(7 years 47 weeks ago)

Didn't I tell you that Monica keeps it gully for the hood girls. This song is my favorite besides side line ho which happens to be my number one fav!!!!!!

(7 years 50 weeks ago)

I love this song, and the first and second albums. They were beautiful, classy and fun with some hip-hoppity beats that we could really groove to. I miss her old work. NOW she's sounding like everyone else, all hard core and over the top, and so its turning out bland. Doesn't stand out like it use to. Girl, stop trying to sound hard core and just stay true to ballads that use to rock the world. Please, Rodney Jerkins, Help our girl.

(8 years 6 hours ago)

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