Billie Jean

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Well, anyone who asks me what my favorite video is, hands down, its Billie Jean! I don't even think twice on this one! It is incredible and I'll never forget how I felt the first time I saw it! I was mesmerized! (sp?)

(4 years 40 weeks ago)

thats really kind of you to say that because i have been michael jackson fan for a really long time too I love him with all my life i would give him my life just for him to live and also those people think that michaeljackson is gay he is so NOT! gay you guys are gay thats what I say i am only 11 years old i am looking for a really hot guy that likes michael jackson music and him why am looking for a hot guy becuse my last boyfriend CHEATED on me.

(5 years 29 weeks ago)

its marvolos

(5 years 36 weeks ago)

(5 years 37 weeks ago)

Billie Jean is a song about Billie jean giving birth to a child and then she claims that micheal made her pregnant but Micheal knows that the child is not his son even though they both have the same eyes

Great music video

(5 years 37 weeks ago)

Thanks for the music and the memories Michael.

(5 years 37 weeks ago)

He really shone through in this video, this one and Rock With You I thought his star was brightest in.

(5 years 38 weeks ago)

R.I.P Michael ...never forget u

(5 years 38 weeks ago)

RIP Michael.

(5 years 38 weeks ago)
(5 years 39 weeks ago)

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