Another Part Of Me

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I hope one day we can see him and appreciate the WONDERFUL and DEVOTED Father that he was to his kids. One day they will understand that the world is not a perfect place but when he was here he made a difference in the lives of so many. I cannot believe how moving his videos can be and how much they help me cope with his loss. I just wish I could have met him in person. If his children and Mother read this I hope they know that he was loved and lead a righteous life which is why we need to do the same in order to see him again one day.

(3 years 28 weeks ago)

The Bad era was when he got so vibrant and sexy**
Miss & Love u loads....RIP MJ..

(4 years 38 weeks ago)

King of Pop! We are missing you!

(4 years 39 weeks ago)

We all love Michael we will miss just how easy made this look.

(4 years 39 weeks ago)

This Captian EO song played for years at Disneyland. It was a scary short 3D film that was released at the DIsneyland park when I was young. When this song played, I new it was over, and that Michael Jackson as Captian EO saved the universe from the horrible spider lady character.

(4 years 40 weeks ago)

just awesome !!!!! He gave us all he had and I can't believe he is gone.

(4 years 40 weeks ago)


(4 years 41 weeks ago)

This is one of my fave songs. "Aother part of me" Will get you up & dance

this is me. I really don't have much to say. Love michael When He was alive. Wished that he was still alive for the 3 kids though. Michael was a legend. He was more than a Legend He was the king Of Pop. He wouldn't be where he was (kinda)if it wasn't for

(4 years 41 weeks ago)

the usual from the king absolutely brilliant

(5 years 5 weeks ago)


(5 years 7 weeks ago)

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