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This is a great song too. I was at school last year after the tornado happened in greensburg and my school showed all the damage that it did. While they were showing it on tv the song Anyway by Martina Mcbride was playing. This song is about living your dreams and doing what you want Regardless of what may happen. It has a good message.

(6 years 36 weeks ago)

This hits home in today's world. We need more music like this with true meaning, inspiration and love and God above all as this world is lost and too fast.

(6 years 36 weeks ago)

Very Uplifting inspirational Song by Country Music's Best

(6 years 37 weeks ago)

When you performed in Wichita, Kansas, in May, you dedicated this song to us, to Greensburg, KS. Thank you so much for your love and support of our town since the May 4 tornado that leveled Greensburg. We love and appreciate you so much. It is kind of our theme song now. God bless!
Kathy Arendt,
Greensburg, Kansas

(6 years 38 weeks ago)

Thank you so much for everything you do Martina. 1 being getting this amazing message across the world today. This is something everything needs to realize about the world today!

(6 years 38 weeks ago)

I never dreamed that I would ever make it to or through nursing school. Well I graduate on July 18th, 2007. So I did it "Anyway"! God is GREAT!

(6 years 43 weeks ago)

my name is jari or you could callme turning13 and i just love this song i first heard it when someone sung it in the talent show at school .i sing it all the time i love this song .mm,keep up the good work!love ya jaguar

(6 years 43 weeks ago)

Martina McBride your my hero!!! <3

(6 years 47 weeks ago)

I am 59 years old, this is the best song that makes alot of sense about life. My Son died at the age of 25 with a heart attack this song was played and it touched so many people

(6 years 48 weeks ago)

Pass me a kleenex. I love how MM reaches into your heart!

(6 years 50 weeks ago)

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