Because Of You

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(4 years 2 weeks ago)

I Cry, every moment. while i am listen her song Becaues of you.
Cause I know her hurt and feeling,
And I love her song.
Cause she sang about me.

(6 years 1 week ago)

I can relate so much to this song I survived an abusive relationship and thank God I am out!!! But This songs helps me try to look past the walls!!!

(6 years 9 weeks ago)

Not only is this the ultimate Kelly Clarkson song, but the video is outstanding and very inspiring! I am not as emotinal as I was in the past, this song helped me to not keep my emotions inside of me. I still keep a few inside, but i learn how to talk about it or deal with it...Thanks Kelly for your heart in your song writting.

(6 years 14 weeks ago)

I'm Dchrist said this is best music i luv her

(7 years 3 weeks ago)

i think that kelly has done good dince ameriacan ideal. i like all of her videos and music.


(7 years 10 weeks ago)

Awesome video and song reminds me want my younger sisters went through

(7 years 10 weeks ago)

This a song worth listening to....very meaningful. Simple lyrics, well arranged and suits Kelly's powerful vocal...keep up the good work guys...n Kelly don't stop your music!

(7 years 22 weeks ago)

Serious music always has a way of staying with you from the time you heard it first until the next.. this is one of those songs. Now that I've seen the video, the performances as given will not long be forgotten either. Beautiful. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

(7 years 26 weeks ago)

This video reminds me of my childhood.
and the lyrics... it makes me cry.
I love this.^^

(7 years 34 weeks ago)

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