Dale Whine Up

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kat de luna i don't know why people are so jelous because you got the hottest video they need to stop haten and start appreciate'n!!!!!!!!! one thing that blue dress in you whine up video doesn't look right on you, its like you are wearing plastic OK!!!! but you know what no matter what you wear you stil look hot!!!!!!
I am a girl not a guy and trust me i am not a lebiean OK!!!!!!!!!!! hola at ya girl!!!!!!!!! meaning e-mail me when you can on this blog you can ask me anything and i will answer!!!!!!!!!!! i will try to get on the computer after4:10pm cuz i still got to go to school until that time. I HOPE WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS EVEN THOUGH I AM 14 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

Sound like she has marbles in her mouth

(7 years 38 weeks ago)

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