Year 3000

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i love this song! i know its not by them but they sing it better than the band that wrote it...Jonas brothers are awesome, but needs to put more of their awesome songs on here....

*Skylar Was Here*

(5 years 9 weeks ago)


(5 years 21 weeks ago)

umm u dont need to be pushing on my freinds man by the way i like joe not nick

(6 years 8 weeks ago)

this video is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kool

(6 years 27 weeks ago)

nick is totally hot!!!!! All three of the jonas bros have awsome voices and r totally sweet!

(6 years 42 weeks ago)

This isnt a song that this band wrote it was sung by the english band Busted about 3 or more years ago,blows my mind how people can take credit for this,..

(6 years 42 weeks ago)

This song is so cool and amazing. I love the Jonas Brothers! Joe is so fine! lol

(6 years 51 weeks ago)

i love all if the jonas brothers music. their music is pretty inspirational

(7 years 15 hours ago)

i love this song. It is my second most favorit song so far.

(7 years 1 week ago)

The song year 3000 is about the future. Nick wrote this song to tell about the way Nick sees the future.

(7 years 1 week ago)

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