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This song makes me cry everytime I hear it! It reminds me of my parents and how much I miss them both! This my son's favorite song too now that he was blessed with a daughter of his own.

(4 years 45 weeks ago)

John Mayer I'm a big fan of waiting for the world to change and Daughters make me think of mine............
my daughter is a sony bmg recording artist also you know her from canada she's married to sum 41's deryck
whibley...........I'm,Michael weitzel john right on

(6 years 35 weeks ago)

Being a mother of 2 daughters, I can't say enough about how wonderful I think this song is.Every parent out there mother and father alike should hear it.

(6 years 48 weeks ago)

one of those most beautiful songs i've ever heard. a true classic of john mayer. love it love it love it.

(6 years 51 weeks ago)

UH...TH songs kina old now but i lykd it wen I first it, its tru ppl need ta pay mo attention to there daughters we're talkin bout th women of th future i dnt hav kids but I hav a lil sis and Im kina lyk a mom ta her sometymes and I tri ta bring her up ryte n a way I wuld ma daughter.

(7 years 6 weeks ago)

this song is so nice but it always makes me wish i had a dad that cared about me, so all you girls with a dad that cares about you, you should feel special because i would give anything for that.

(7 years 20 weeks ago)

love this song it sends a message 2 all parents 2 treat their kids right cuz how their treated by their parent is a big part what kind of person they will be and that is a good message

(7 years 20 weeks ago)

This song always makes me wanna cry, especially when I think about my own young daughter and how quickly she's growing up.

(7 years 21 weeks ago)

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