Get Right

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Amazing video... she killed it with the dance moves especially the break down part...J.Lo is the best

(4 years 47 weeks ago)

i lov it,its really great.JLO really 'gets it right'!!!! LOL

(5 years 50 weeks ago)


(6 years 37 weeks ago)

i love this song the video is so sexy

(6 years 44 weeks ago)

"LOVE IT" if anybody can do it right it's you!!!!!!

Tu Puerto Rican fan otra vez

(6 years 52 weeks ago)

There is no one like j.lo she sing she dance even she can represent....
if exist some one like her please tell me!!!! I love the video get right she is so sexy my goooodddd.....

(7 years 3 weeks ago)


(7 years 3 weeks ago)

My love

(7 years 5 weeks ago)

It such a good song. you can lissen to it when your in a bad mood and within seconds your in the best mood you can ever be. also a good dance song. But that's Jennifer: chorus, chorus, chorus, dans, chorus.

(7 years 6 weeks ago)

Get Right

(7 years 8 weeks ago)

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