Wish You Were Here

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+ .. vEry niCE sOnG !!.. +
+ .. whEn i hEaReD thiS sONg hAAy !! .. + i LOst tO tHE wOrLD !! .. +
+ gRAbE !! .. + AcTUaLy i diDn't ExpEctiNg thAt iNcUbUs pLAy thiS in ArAnEtA wAs On mArCh 9,2008 !! .. + hAhAhA i wAs thErE !!

+ .. im sArAh jOycE LOpEz biG fAn OF INCUBUS !! .. +

(6 years 20 weeks ago)

Very Beautiful Song

(6 years 46 weeks ago)

f***ing hot video!!!!!!!!!

(7 years 1 week ago)

Yes indeed I like this video a lot. The imagery was great and it shows the band just hanging out being themselves. The lyric's of the song really hit home... How many of you have counted UFO's with your lighter

(7 years 2 weeks ago)

They played this song at my cousin's funeral, it is an absolutely breath-taking song.
I might be choreographing a dance to it dedicated to my cousin this year.

(7 years 4 weeks ago)

Fantastic track. Drum & Base is solid, Michael's guitar is cutting, Brandon nails his vocals

(7 years 5 weeks ago)

This and Stellar are my FAVORITE songs of the WORLD!!!!!!! Just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

(7 years 8 weeks ago)

I saw incubus live in Austria last weekend and it was simply amazing! Wish you were here was one of the best songs,... (actually, all songs were perfect)

(7 years 9 weeks ago)

this music video is amazing i adore it ive watched it like 5 times now. =D

(7 years 9 weeks ago)

brandon boyd - the eighth wonder of the world...;)

(7 years 10 weeks ago)

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