Pardon Me

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+..gOsH im rEALLy biG fAn oF iNcUbUs !! .. +
i LOvE thiS sOnG !! .. + bUt InCuBus thEy DiDnT pLaY thiS sOnG in
aRAnEtA cOLusEUm !! .. + bUt iTs Ok nArin kAsi ivE bEEn thERe nAmAn !! .. +
+ .. im sArAh jOycE LOpEz biG fAn OF INCUBUS !! .. +

(7 years 2 weeks ago)

yea he is

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

Brandon's hot! =]

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

Well to start off Incubus is an amazing band, and Brandon Boyd is an excellent song writer and singer. This song has a really nice drum beat and of course a steady beat (as in musical Rhythem) over all it's just a great song!

(7 years 35 weeks ago)

my favorite incubus song ever !!!!!!!!

(7 years 36 weeks ago)

Pardon Me, but many times I feel like bursting into flames. great song.

(7 years 37 weeks ago)

To be completely honest, I actually hated this band, then I gave them a try and all I can say after buying every single record, including other countries albums and also seeing them a total of 5 times, I can say I'm hooked!! Can't wait to see them again!

(7 years 40 weeks ago)

American Idol suck hi suck . korn/rammstein/slipknot/Heavy Metal rols this sjit by far

(7 years 43 weeks ago)

I mean, there any lyricist out there that can get a message out with such clarity and depth, without sounding corny or recycled? There is no doubt that Incubus makes great music, even on their latest releases which don't have great reviews, but i think that combined with the filosophy and message that Brandon tries to get out there, they explode and create some of the best and most inspiring music (which, let's be honest, there isn't that much to begin with) that anyone has had the pleasure of listening, making them one of the best bands today, and probably of all times. Incubus saves and improves lives...and that's a fact!

(7 years 46 weeks ago)

One of the deepest songs to come around. I felt it touch my heart in places that I wish no song could get to, but yet it did reach me deep down inside. Everyone needs to burst forth once in awhile.

(7 years 50 weeks ago)

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