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Incubus seems to always top themselves! Dig is the most honest song I have ever heard and I think it is relevent to many listeners. It was for me. So complicated the issue, yet so simple. What the characters where doing in the video made it easy to sum up what "Dig" is about in general. Clever. I always look forward to some of the creativity Incubus has next. Beautiful song. Deep.

(3 years 38 weeks ago)
(5 years 20 weeks ago)

great song!! ...they are great!!

(6 years 34 weeks ago)
(7 years 23 hours ago)

This is a great video!!!! The meaning is about people and mental disorders that they suffer from. She is saving him from himself!! Sometimes I wish I had someone to "dig me out" of my head.......

(7 years 7 weeks ago)

Is it just me or is it that every song incubus comes out with seems like a totally new awesome band who you've never heard before. You can never be bored with their music. Its so amazing.

(7 years 9 weeks ago)


(7 years 9 weeks ago)

This is the BEST video...i love Brandon's mind!!!!!!
It is such a GREAT song!!!

(7 years 10 weeks ago)

ONe of the best songs of the year. Better and better the louder its played!

(7 years 10 weeks ago)

heard this one a million times and still love it. this is without a doubt my favorite song of all time... good s***

(7 years 10 weeks ago)

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