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this video is very cool... obviously, it's howie day!

howie day has a new album coming out 9/8 ($9.99 on iTunes) - i ordered mine today! so stoked!

(5 years 34 weeks ago)

Just awesome!

(7 years 44 weeks ago)


(7 years 48 weeks ago)

pretty shweet.

(7 years 49 weeks ago)

I'm a 50 year old and LOVE "Collide" by Howie Day. I hope he continues to make and sing GOOD music like this instead of getting wierd like most AFTER they make it. For example, his NEW girlfriend Britney Spears, I LOVED when she 1st came out, it was so REFRESHING to see her in that School outfit singing but it wasn't long after she got down right Dirty and distasteful and sang just plain rotten! What a shame....

Please Howie, Don't do that to yourself! You will last longer and become stronger and BETTER among ALL ages and groups if you don't. Besides, your family and TRUE friends will be able to keep respecting you and more importantly 'YOU" will be able to look in the mirror many years from now and 'Respect' yourself, something you can't BUT but we all must earn and work for in our life!

P.S. I still like Britney, not her work, songs or Lifestyle but my heart goes out to her and I hope she straightens herself out for her sake and her kids. I think she just needs to get some long term therapy to build her SELF Esteem up. She must have lost that somewhere along the road when getting Famous. All that fame and money can be BRUTAL on all the important things in LIFE. WE must LEARN how to hold on to the GOOD in us. And sometimes it takes therapy to stay down to earth within ourselfs and GOD should come 1st also!

Your songs are GREAT! Stick with this kind of music PLEASE!


(7 years 49 weeks ago)

A great song and a special too. I really like that one.
I play guitar myself and I can respectfully say - perfect.

My favorite is the acoustic version. Enjoy :)

(7 years 51 weeks ago)

Howie is amazing! his music, lyrics and vocals are sweet! :) I always find myself smiling listening to this song and at how good it is!

(7 years 51 weeks ago)

This (and She Says) are two of the best songs he's written. He's an amazing singer/songwriter and he'll definitely be around for a long time. I absolutely love it!

(8 years 1 week ago)

I know in 2007 this Song is old but i'm a hiphop head and i have to say this track is hot to anyone that can relate to the lyrics so therefore i'd say its timeless aka a classic

(8 years 2 weeks ago)

A natural voice since Jack Johnson. He should be a long term musician

(8 years 4 weeks ago)

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