Follow Through

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Grande Gavin ! questa canzone più la sento e più mi piace!

(6 years 3 weeks ago)

your sound around me babe,oh...i lov u somuch

(6 years 39 weeks ago)

Excellent song, well engineered and structured. Love it! Go Gavin Woop Woop!!

(7 years 23 weeks ago)

i love you.
i love your music.
its so amazing.
and gets me through times.

keep makin music babe.

(7 years 24 weeks ago)

it the nicest sound i ever heard! thank you for availing the video

(7 years 50 weeks ago)

'Follow Through'is my favorite Gavin DeGraw song. I'm never getting tired of the melody and words of love. The song is about a start of a new relationship and his thoughs about that. Gavin's voice is perfect for this song because he brings a certain feel to it that makes you believe every word he says. Go the Gavin's official website and listen to the live version and be amazed!

(8 years 4 weeks ago)

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