Say My Name

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Good song! the best song of destiny´s child! and bug a boo too!

(6 years 41 weeks ago)

They said the only reason why they were moving alot on this video was because they looked tow up and they really didn't want to show they face that day

(7 years 1 week ago)

i think its good im one of beyonces fans

(7 years 6 weeks ago)

somebody always got to say my name

(7 years 6 weeks ago)

This song is so verry good!
Love Beyonce =)

(7 years 9 weeks ago)

you go on you get my vote for thes song desi

(7 years 10 weeks ago)


(7 years 12 weeks ago)

Listen to the song here in my heart a melody, i start but can complete Listen mmmm to the sound from deep within its only one me in me to find realies
Oh the time is come

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

this song was good it couldnt of been betta!!

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

this was cute

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

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