Like A Boy

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This is my favorite song know that I know it!:)

(5 years 37 weeks ago)

This is my favorite song now that I Know that!:)

(5 years 37 weeks ago)

this is my favorite song ever it the best and it's so true and the dance and lyrics rock!!!!

$@m@nth@ luv$ y@

(5 years 41 weeks ago)

-Hood Gyal

i love this song

(5 years 41 weeks ago)

was up

Sexi Mama

(6 years 21 hours ago)

i know i love dis song to it is so ture

(6 years 4 weeks ago)

I totally love this video...I jus love ur thing girl!

(6 years 15 weeks ago)

if i could give it more stars i would she put it perfectly thanks ciara

(6 years 17 weeks ago)

That was an awesome video! ^.^

(6 years 27 weeks ago)

Heysh! Ciara, you is hot!
Love your style
love your groove
and the way you move.

Keep those hits a'comin xx

(6 years 32 weeks ago)

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