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gurl that is rite i love this video it takes me away from every thing that is happening in my life rite that minute and takes my mind to me and my boyfriend and i love him som much sike guys im single juust sayin if u were wondering.......ily(:

(:single bby<3

(4 years 42 weeks ago)

this is one video that takes on everything I really like it I think that she has the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard in years and I can say that truthfully

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

thank you Christina
simply beautiful...

(7 years 33 weeks ago)

This is a powerfull video and i think all people who think of themselve as fat of ugly sould see this video
This is a good way to let pepele know about themsleves.

(7 years 34 weeks ago)

this song is so true and real.

(7 years 34 weeks ago)


(7 years 37 weeks ago)

I think that the Beautiful video is great.It shows a lot of emotions and a lot of dayly feelings.It defends the people who have problems,problems wich happen everyday.Christina tries to show that everybody is the same and that nobody has to feel bad for something because it happens to all of us.For example,two gay guy don't have to feel bad about their feelings because it's normal.An other example is that trans-gender don't have to hide their feelings if they think that they have the wrong body.

(7 years 37 weeks ago)

i hope that those who need to listen this song will hear it!

great song, beautiful singer!

(7 years 38 weeks ago)

actually this is my favorite of all the songs i've ever is very meaningful esp. to those people that are not that good-looking or "beautiful"..because of this song they learn how to have a self-confidence and to be strong....
i just love it..keep up christina!

(7 years 40 weeks ago)

This probably the most daring and meaningful performance I have seen in any music video. America can learn from this song/video

(7 years 42 weeks ago)

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