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I love this video and i love britney spears! she saw a premonition?? o.O

we are just a key in your keyboard :)

(5 years 31 weeks ago)

A sad story but yet played it quite well by britt...wait a minute...did she see a premanition??

(6 years 10 weeks ago)

This song always reminds me of whenI was a kid.
I had to put on a brave face on because my dad as an abusive alcohlic and to cover my problems I would be the one who would make everyone else laugh even thogh I would sit by myself and cry on a night.
Thank you britney for this song it got me through some bad times I had!

Jill Smith!

(7 years 15 weeks ago)

y love your ongs you are the bet:)

(7 years 22 weeks ago)

nice video love you very much brit.


(7 years 35 weeks ago)

den är bra<3

(7 years 36 weeks ago)

i think your a rate mint singer your stonger and lucky is mi favourite song

(7 years 36 weeks ago)

hope u will come back soon britney... wish u luck.

(7 years 38 weeks ago)


(7 years 39 weeks ago)

I love your song. I love you.

(7 years 40 weeks ago)

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