I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

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One of her best songs and she looks amazing in this video keep up the good work britney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i hope you people enjoy my profile and the music i like listning to thanks casey xxxxxxxxxxx

(6 years 46 weeks ago)

i love b.s

(7 years 8 weeks ago)

This songis brill and reminds me of my sister.
She always said that i wa the wild child of he family and she was right!
I love tis song becuas is asong for every girl when they are going through a time when they are starting to grow up into woman!

Jill Smith!

(7 years 18 weeks ago)

These rich make me feel my only limits of science and the fact that large and beautiful photography more than wonderful and Bertne such as landlords were beautiful in this great universe

(7 years 36 weeks ago)


(7 years 43 weeks ago)


(7 years 45 weeks ago)

this is by far my favourate britney sobg.shes absoluteky stunning,and i think the world should leave her alone.how can she get her life back on track with all the hurtfull things people are saying about her.your true fans will stick by you just ignore the rest of the idiots they have not got a clue.

(7 years 49 weeks ago)

I lov dis song its so awsum hu eva doesnt lyk it is crazy 2 da max man.

(7 years 51 weeks ago)

This song makes me cry and it sounds like a sad song but its a beautiful song

(7 years 51 weeks ago)

i love this song so much. i luv u britney no matter wat ppl say bout cha just hold ur head up high and say bollax to the world. just let ur hair down gal.
i here ur out of rehab well gd luk girl n dat u got a new fella well gd luk 2 n keep it strong.
lv ya loads hun
lv charlzburg xxxxxxx mwah xxxxx

(7 years 52 weeks ago)

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