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Hi Britz! You're the best! I like the lyrics and the melody of these song ( EVERYTIME). You're a genius composer. It is not monotonous, so i really keep on playing these beautiful song. It contains meanifull concept about life, that we cannot live without someone else in our life. Wings pertains to GOD, families and friends, no matter how we struggle to move on but without these wings we will not be able to fly or suceed in every goals of our life.


(6 years 9 weeks ago)

That was very touching and it helped me thank you.
This song reminds me of my nana who is in heaven with my grandad thank you britney you are stronger then you think keep going!

(6 years 50 weeks ago)

Love it it is realy well done good on you britney your still the best.

(7 years 1 week ago)

by Annelore Suda
Email: AnneS_2luv@yahoo.com
Website: www.myspace.com/ni3mwasn3min

I luv all your albums..

(7 years 11 weeks ago)

by Annelore Suda
Email: AnneS_2luv@yahoo.com
Website: www.myspace.com/ni3mwasn3min

(7 years 11 weeks ago)

i loved it you are such a great singer the best. i think those who make fun of you are just big jerks. i think you are a vary pretty and taleted girl i hope you make a new cd soon. you are a talented person i hoop you know that.

(7 years 12 weeks ago)

No review to give to you for your music just a word of encouragement to you becouse everyone could use it every once and a while. Everyone would like to be a critic but I know God says come just as you are and He has no gimmicks for you. I don't know much of your music but I love ya like any sister any Christ should enough to pray for you and your family. For you to have the "Blessings of the Lord that maketh you rich but, remember His blessings don't have any sorrow with them. I believe the lord gave you gifts and talent to glorify Him not yourself or sex or whatever...And working for him is the best boss you could ever have. Remember you don't have to step into a church building to fully give yourself over to Him he has been with you all along... Just say "Lord Jesus come into my heart...I believe you died and rose just to save me...make me more like you" That's is it..then find a good word filled (Bible teaching) ministry were there is not someone who will try to take advantage of you but just treat you like part of the family of Christ...were your kids can hang with other kids that know God and sing songs and color and be what they are KIDS. I love ya girl.. Don't give up on life becouse God never gave up on you.

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

Haunting melody,which makes you think of past memories.

(7 years 13 weeks ago)

Britney Is The Best Singer In The World, She Can Go High And Low And Make The Song Sound Great, She Is With Out A Doubt The Best!!
I Hate It That Everyone Is Being Nasty And Laughing At The Fact She Shaved Her Head, Shes Still Beautiful!

(7 years 14 weeks ago)

mooi liedje

(7 years 17 weeks ago)

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