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this is the song bow weezy and soulja boy killed dat verse

(6 years 4 weeks ago)


(6 years 9 weeks ago)

soulja boi luk sexcii in dis video

(6 years 13 weeks ago)


(6 years 14 weeks ago)

this song is really fun and i love the beat

(6 years 15 weeks ago)


(6 years 16 weeks ago)

The song is ok. Sounds like their trying to be like Street Runnaz Click. Sry

(6 years 16 weeks ago)

this song wasn't ur best bow wow
~Jayne~ iz the Lovable

(6 years 16 weeks ago)

Utter nonsense. Just when you think hip hop cannot be dragged to the fathoms of musical absurdity by the anchor-of-a-rapper known as "Soulja Boy" any further, you get a collaboration with Bow Wow. This excuse for a song would fit perfectly into a children's nursery rhyme book, with its simplistic hook and chorus. I didn't understand what it meant in the song and the video didn't help much either. I sympathize with the director, who must've spent countless nights tearing at his scalp trying to visualize a video for this piece of crap. In the end, I imagine he abandoned all reason and just decided to create a generic hip hop video - girls, money, cars, bling. Done. I swear, if I see another Soulja Boy video on this site...grr...

(6 years 16 weeks ago)

i think working with soulja boy was a bad idea but whatever bow

(6 years 17 weeks ago)

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