Let Me Hold You

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(5 years 46 weeks ago)
(5 years 51 weeks ago)

O.M.Gosh i lOve this song. .
me nd mi sis liike awlways
liike singing too this jam
. . i n L O V E . .

(6 years 4 weeks ago)

its gooooooooood

(6 years 14 weeks ago)

i just like e video n it reminds me o my chick sandy,i just love her though we are millions of miles away from each other.bow wow keep it up.

(6 years 20 weeks ago)

i lllllllllllllllllllloove iiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt

(6 years 24 weeks ago)

ma hubby is lookin so sexy!!! im his true wifey 4 life so all ya otha gurls get off his jock!! u can hold me all u want wen eva u want

(6 years 32 weeks ago)

BOW WOW you are lookin sexy as hell in this video. You can hold me at any time.


(6 years 36 weeks ago)

Bow is goin 2 keep pimpin wit his songs

(6 years 38 weeks ago)

i love love this song it is my favorite song i love lovelove love love this song

(6 years 42 weeks ago)

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