We Didn't Start The Fire

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trip through history have always loved this song!!

(7 years 40 weeks ago)

It was awsome and the first time i watched it was during decades day at my school we went over all the decades and watched this music video for the 1980's.

(7 years 42 weeks ago)

this song is so catchy and so cool and fun. i want to just sing it all day

(7 years 43 weeks ago)

its not like i actually like this, i need it for my social studies project...lol...

(7 years 45 weeks ago)

I love this Song! I did a history report on it to find what went on in history at that time and why the wrote it. It was actually a fun history assignment. (for once)

(7 years 45 weeks ago)

i like this song because it talks about how our nation , government , and our history of people and places like george dimaggio and elvis presly . I think that is very cool.

(7 years 48 weeks ago)

we had to write a song based on this one... its a great song!!!!

(7 years 48 weeks ago)

great video would love to use it in my reading class to help with teaching inference

(7 years 51 weeks ago)

I think this song is great for turn of the century. it tells about so many great things and bad things that happened. i luv it, i love the chorus and its so true about our world.

(7 years 51 weeks ago)

Yeah, soi hyvin!

(8 years 8 weeks ago)

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