Teenage Love Affair

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i really like this video and i relly think that this music video should be made in movie. So if Alicia Keys if reaading this then should consider this or at least think about it.

(5 years 24 weeks ago)

Robert Redmond

(5 years 43 weeks ago)
(6 years 5 weeks ago)

best song ever

(6 years 12 weeks ago)

i love this song, and alicia keyes rocks in this video.

(6 years 15 weeks ago)

i love this song

~Jayne~ iz the Lovable

(6 years 15 weeks ago)

musicfan001- wow it is an amazing song .but Alicia Keys looks diffrint.

(6 years 18 weeks ago)

hello my friends .write me

(6 years 18 weeks ago)

i really like this song by:kisskaypooh

(6 years 21 weeks ago)
(6 years 22 weeks ago)

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