David Cook

David Cook

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This album rocks!


(5 years 41 weeks ago)

This is a superior CD. There are very few CDs that I really like every song -- this is one that I REALLY like every song. I voted for David every week when he was doing American Idol. I thought he had a great voice from the beginning of the show. I love this CD. He is a very talented singer and this is a well done CD. Well done!!! A few of the songs really hit me hard with the lyrics. I am looking forward to more David Cook music!

(5 years 42 weeks ago)

It would be impossible to pick one song as my favorite, I love every single one of them. My daughter bought this album for me as a birthday gift. It is on my ipod, the cd is in the car & I play it on my itunes when I am at home. I have watched every season of AI, but never voted until David Cook, I am so glad I did. What a truly talented man.

(6 years 8 weeks ago)


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