Blonde On Blonde

Blonde On Blonde

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Far and away his best.. although some of its enormity may to having been released as a 2-fer. Yet how else could a seminal juicy classic like "Sad Eyed Lady" have helped baize a trail for side-long cuts some 40 years ago? (a virtual godsend to us late night FM jocks..) Definitely one of the ten albums you'd be sure to take along in that proverbial desert island scenario, it uses nearly every structural blues idiom as a musical vehicle for some of the hippest most demonstrative poetic imagery rock & roll has ever known. "Jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule", so simply drawn yet so magically it embeds itself in the mindscape. This is why he's him and we're not.. dig it for what it is or don't say he never warned us.. ~LD

(6 years 37 weeks ago)

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