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When asked about the title of his debut album 'Give It All Away', the singer-pianist from Coaldale, Alberta Theo Tams admits “In a way I feel that's what I've done with this record.” The 2008 Canadian Idol Winner is not following the standard Idol formula in releasing his debut album. With a musical background, previous writing experience and a strong desire to put out an album he was truly proud of, Theo was given the gift of time to be more involved in the process to create a debut that truly reflects him as an artist rather than rushing the process. “I wanted to find and write songs that I could be confident with and encapsulated all I wanted to say on my first record, not only lyrically, but stylistically as well” and that’s what he’s done on 'Give It All Away' released on Sony Music Canada Entertainment Inc. on May, 19th 2009. “The most important thing I wanted to achieve with this album was to be true to myself because that’s what music is all about.”


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