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Luther Vandross

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Signed to Epic Records in 1981, Luther Vandross released his debut album, Never Too Much, to both critical and commercial acclaim resulting in platinum sales and establishing him as a new force in R&B. Throughout the ‘80s, Vandross went on to produce albums by Aretha Franklin and many others while continuing to release chart topping hits of his own. In 1989, after eight years of dominating the R&B charts with a string of six platinum plus albums, he delivered his first Top 10 Pop hit with “Here And Now,” which went on to win a Grammy.

In 2001, a new chapter opened for Luther Vandross with his signing to J Records. During his years with J, Vandross produced some of the most vital material of his career culminating with Dance With My Father in 2003. The title track from this album would become his trademark song and the album would sell over 2 million units.



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