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2004 witnessed the last album release by Franco De Vita, but today, four years later, his magic returns with “Simplemente la Verdad”, a record where the Venezuelan singer/songwriter shares a little bit more of his soul enamoring and enchanting his fans with his newest compositions. A gift which, along his artistic personality, is not easy to find among today’s musicians.

After introducing “Mi Sueño”, the album’s first single, we will have the opportunity to continue to be enchanted with 11 new songs included in this release, such as “Cuando Tus Ojos Me Miran” “Probablemente”, “Si un día te vuelvo a ver”, “No Se Olvida”, among many others.

Being true to his personal seal, De Vita has written and produced the entire album’s material with the collaboration of distinguished talents such as Cesar Sogbe, who has worked in the sound mix of artists (Prince, Bob Marley and Jennifer Lopez) as well as with percussionist Lee Levin, considered by Billboard Magazine as one of the best drummers in the industry (Ricky Martin, Shakira, Juan Luis Guerra, Julio Iglesias, Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Backstreet Boys, The Bee Gees, among many others).

The captivating sound of the guitars was put in the hands of Dan Warner, who has vast experience as an instrumentalist in the Latin music (Celia Cruz, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Christina Aguilera).

“Simplemente la Verdad” has became an album where the artist’s inspiration graces the everyday life, reflecting his public life with a sensibility only he can portray.

A life dedicated to music
The beloved artist has dedicated his entire life to music. His house was filled with music that varied from ballads and seventies rock to serenades, Venezuelan folklore, Caribbean music and Latin American trova.

“My generation grew up listening to a lot of rock, it’s true. It was music of rebellion; that is to say, music of the energy. But I think that rock music and ballads were never that distant. Neither was rock far from Latin America or the Caribbean. In the end, those of us who jumped into rock, did it in our own way, with our own genetic code”, relates the artist.

It’s easy to picture him being hypnotized by the radio, listening to songs which started to define his musical path. Surely for that reason, already in his adolescence, Franco knew that a good song is the one that goes skin deep and speaks in a timeless language.

Thus, music conquered his heart and turned into his fountain of life. With it, he could not only sing, but let out his entire inner self. “I write as others breathe, not because it comes out of me easily, but because I need it to live. Difficult or easy writing is not the problem; the problem is writing to live. And when I write, either for work or just looking for an idea, the right word, I am in my element”, says the famed singer/songwriter.

Franco De Vita devotes himself entirely to the process of creating music. It’s organic and he works with true devotion. “I search for what is natural because it’s what always remains”, he says. That’s why Franco’s songs always portray their freshness, their attractiveness and vitality. In effect, those who have adopted his songs as their own such as “Te Amo”, “No basta”, “Si la vez” or “Tu Te Que Vas”, will find they never fad out.
Maybe it’s their simplicity or maybe the artist is just making heartache relevant, but each of his singles transforms into a classic.

“Maybe it’s because I tell stories, but I tell them with simplicity, without adornments. Nobody can resist a story when it is told with simplicity. Also, I always try to show a wealth of experiences. Like life itself. Because love is never simple but indeed mysterious, although the author’s job consist in looking for original angles so the audience can understand. That’s why I work in the details, in the tuning between lyrics and music. Sometimes songs come out pretty quickly, sometimes they don’t. But that’s what matters the least, because it is all about feeling content about it”, he confesses.

He starts creative process by sitting down in front of his piano, catches a tune, and makes it his, and then he continues to populate the rhythm with words and phrases which start building up a story which ends up being a gift for his public.

A career of gold
His first album titled “Fantasía”, released in 1986, catapulted him in Venezuela as an artist who had arrived to stay. His recent live CD/DVD “Mil y una historias” (2006), goes through classics such as “Al norte del sur” (1988), “Extranjero (1990), “Voces a mi alrededor” (1993), “Fuera de este mundo” (1996), “Nada es igual” (1999), and the genius “Stop” (2004), he opened doors in the entire American continent and in Spain until consolidating himself as one of the main pillars of pop music and Latin romance in the world.

“Stop”, remained among the top albums in sales in the entire American continent with worldwide hits such as “Tú de que vas” and “Si la ves” featuring the duet Sin Bandera. That same year, he toured the United States and shared the stage in various arenas with fellow Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner.

In his collaborations with other artists, the singer/songwriter has been a part of almost every musical style. From reggaeton with the famed duo Wisin y Yandel in the hit “Oye Donde está el amor”, was #2 on the Billboard airplay charts; De Vita sings the choruses “Donde está el amor” and “Que no muera de esperanza”, then to K-Paz de la Sierra, the popular group of duranguense music for whom he re-recorded “Un buen perdedor”.

As a composer, his creations have reached the voices of Ricky Martin and Chayanne, among a long list of many other Latin artists.

“A record has many parents; I am the principal, just to say it in that way, but you also have the producer, the sound engineers, and the musicians who take your music and bring it to life. Recording is a pleasure, even though you might become somewhat nervous. Which is very justifiable, because you want your kid to come to the world full of health; it’s beautiful,” he comments.

The story of an artist lies in his creation; And Franco’s records and concerts reveal the taste of a singer/songwriter in love with his craft and devoted to his followers.

“Mil y una historias” was his previous live release where he went over a brilliant repertoire of classics and new song “Tengo”. The album also included hits such as “Fuera de este mundo”, “Sexo”, “Un extraño en mi bañera”, “No hay cielo” and “Somos tres”, among many others.

This is a time of greater intimacy and there’s no one better than him to reveal his soul... Simplemente la verdad.


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