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CHAYANNE a very well known and charismatic Puerto Rican artist began his musical career at age 10 with a musical group called "Los Chicos". As of now, he has recorded 20 albums, the first 5 with Ariola/RCA with the group in the early 80’s and the others as an exclusive artist for Sony-BMG.

CHAYANNE has made his mark as a singer, selling millions of albums, earning more than 100 platinum and gold records, as well as RIAA Certifications, several Grammy nominations and a MTV Award for Best International Video. He has had over 24 top ten hits on the Billboard charts, including #1 position. His last four albums have reached top ten in the album charts and have remained there for over 160 weeks.

CHAYANNE has been the spokesperson for Pepsi when he starred a major international advertising blitz which culminated with the first airing of a Spanish language spot on an American TV network without subtitles or dubbing. This spot aired during the 1989 Grammy Awards telecast and made television history. His other sponsor includes Kodak, American Airlines, Panasonic, Crest, Frito Lays, Adams, Kellogg’s, among others.

Despite his busy schedule, CHAYANNE always finds the time to pursue his altruistic concerns. He was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations for the Immigrants Foundation. He also serves as envoy to the High Commissioner for the United Nations World Refugee Organization. His concern for children led him to become the Hispanic spokesperson for the Starlight Foundation, whose mandate is to grant the wishes of terminally ill children. During 2006 he was appointed as a member of the Celebrity Cabinet for the Red Cross and since then he has been cooperating with educational campaigns.

CHAYANNE is not just a talented entertainer and humanitarian. According to People Magazine he is one of the "50 most beautiful people in the world" (People Magazine). In August of 1994, CHAYANNE was featured on the cover of Playgirl Magazine, accompanied by a six-page article and pictorial. And sorry he did not take it all off.

His world concert tours fill soccer stadiums and his appearances are greeted with mass hysteria. His productions have been choreographed by the likes of Nancy O’Meara, Kenny Ortega, Vince Paterson and Jerry Evans and seen by millions of people in all continents.

Besides his passion for music he also has emerged as an actor, starring in four soap operas, mini series & movies. In 1997 CHAYANNE does his first English movie, sharing the big screen with Vanessa Williams and Kris Kristofferson. The movie “Dance With Me” enhances the ballroom dance as well as the Latin rhythm. It was released in August 1998 in the US and thereafter released in Latin America as well as in Europe, Asia and Japan, by Sony Pictures. The movie soundtrack includes 2 duets by CHAYANNE and Vanessa, which were written by the well-known composer/writer Diane Warren. Later on he did a special appearance in two episodes of the famous TV sitcom “Ally McBeal”.

For the Spanish speaking market he has starred in soap-operas, mini-series and movies in Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
From his album “Atado A Tu Amor”, the single “Salome” became the hit of the summer in Spain, France, Sweden, etc. being the most sold album in Spain in 1999. Thereafter all his albums including his latest “Greatest Hits” have been in the top-ten charts all over the world and have been supported with impressive campaigns by his record label.

Later on CHAYANNE release a Greatest Hits compilation with 2 new songs from which “Torero” became an immediate hit in Latin America and Europe. Also from this album, “Y Tu Te Vas” was accredited as ‘song of the year’, by the prestigious Billboard Magazine.
‘Sincero” with his undeniable hit ‘Un Siglo Sin Ti’ is released in 2003 followed by “Desde Siempre” and “Cautivo”, both launched in 2005. “Cautivo” emphasized the mid-tempo ‘No Te Preocupes Por Mi’ and the ballad ‘Te Echo De Menos’.

Starting 2007, CHAYANNE surprises his public with the release of a new album for mid April. This new production has been produced by the well known Producer Estefano and reflects a new musical definition for strong up-tempo songs and melodic ballads, always expressing and suggesting love and tenderness.
The upcoming album will be strongly supported by a world-wide Tour where millions of fans will be enjoying the new songs.

With his unique style, charm and rhythm CHAYANNE has demonstrated why he is the strongest and talented dancer and singer who is admired by people of all ages.


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